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Kanellbular Well-being & Life Coaching


Belladonna Sterling | is a Health and Wellness therapist consultant

Based in Bristol and mother of two, she specializes in counselling, family health, and mental health issues such as fear and sadness. She utilizes her years of experience to offer support and write about coping skills and self-confidence, and other publications in order to promote better health for everyone.

Many people go through difficult times in their life, which can leave them feeling worried, anxious or depressed and feeling unable to cope.

People come to therapy with a variety of difficulties including depression, anxiety and stress. They may be overwhelmed by their feelings, unable to cope, having relationship difficulties or low self-esteem. They may have experienced difficult life events such as bereavement, divorce or trauma.


Life coaching and therapy provide a space for people to explore such difficulties and work through painful experiences in a safe, private and confidential environment. The therapist will be accepting and understanding allowing you the freedom to explore and reflect on what’s right for you.

An affordable service.

Just £7.99 per session for individual sessions and £15 for Couples sessions.

secure payment through paypal.me/Kanellbular


Each session lasts for 20 minutes and it can be carried on through skype or messenger.

Sessions available in English - Spanish / Tambien en Espanol.

This service comprises 20 minutes online sessions your venue Messenger/Skype. For more information on this service email: [email protected]

You are not alone!  

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