Why does your teenager act like that?

Why does your teenager act like that?

If you got no kids on your own, but some nephews, no worries at all, as they might be like yours.

It will depend on your relationship with them.

I heard parents expressing their frustration and looking for guidance to manage their kids and teenagers. Some of them has gone to the madness as their power become useless over their child. A huge amount of parents I met not just want to relieve themselves by talking with a therapist or friend, also, they seek for some intelligent and helpful advice to bring their mind back.

Clients expressed that one trigger of her anxiety and then depressions were her impossible interaction with their teenagers.

- She doesn't listen. One said.

-Every time I try to talk to him is like if he was waiting to fire back. Like he is in constant hostility, or maybe hates me!

-My son never does what he is being told to do.

-I used to manage when they were little but this situation is taking me over.

-My daughter is taking drugs and coming drank to home every other day when she should be at the college. I don't know what more to do.

-I love my kids, but if I knew it, I will not get them!

Anyone would say this is a normal panorama between parents and teenagers but is not always the case. Teenagers must are difficult to manage and you'll blame their hormones. There is more to the scene to consider. Internal and external factors that impact on their behaviour.

External factors such as friends, a girlfriend or a boyfriend could influence their behaviour. The situation at school or college etc., But I will focus on the internal factor as I consider influential and important.

You must be at any point in your life where you gave your opinion or judgement about someone else life's issue. Easy isn't it? Events and situations seem easy and manageable from outside. What about when it comes from your inner circle? I will explain.

Issues arise due to the parent's fault. They are too busy or trapped in "I am the authority here" role. People forget the fact of flexibility, paying more attention to their new adult.

Treat your kid as an adult as they grow up and your relationships will improve. Give them an adult role with responsibility and consequences and they will cast anchor and.

Hence, reflect on your relationship for a better understanding of your kids. Approach them, even when it looks like the impossible mission is not that difficult.

They are waiting for you to come down to the road and open your heart to them. Be a friend, a peer, a kind of dad/ mum colleague, and you'll remain in their circle. They change, yes, so you must change too.