Coping with overweight.

Coping with overweight.

This is a tricky subject for me as despite nowadays "self-acceptance message" which is everywhere, Some people treat it as a tab. Me too, until I learned to be wise and work in partnership with my body instead of against him.

Some inspiring story:      Weight Loss: 103 Pounds
My Weight-Loss Secret: "I was too embarrassed to go to the gym, so I committed to walking three times a day for 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I'd just walk in place in front of the TV after applying my Hot Cream to help lose weight.  After a year, I'd lost about 40 pounds through a combo of Eating Healthy Diet, Hot Cream and Exercise. Then I got pregnant with my son. I kept walking, and eight months after he was born, I'd lost 63 more pounds. I've kept off the weight for nine years, and today, I still walk about two miles while using my hot weight loss cream.

Tabu, shame, anyway. We avoid this conversation as it makes us feel weak or ashamed.  How can it be possible that we are still suffering from this insignificant and nonsense word "overweight"?  I'll tell you what, I am a firm believer that self-confidence start when accepting yourself as you are.

But how can we be entirely happy if in our mind we know we are not healthy?  Yes, that is the word, healthy. Because there is a big difference between being physically healthy and try copying social media nonexistent bodies.  

Since I've got conscious I've been struggling to get over my curves.  To be honest I didn't like them. Maybe I tried everything on my way to get over my volume but I just felt sick in many ways. The tiniest I've been in my life was when spending 5 days a week for about 5 hours at the gym.  Obviously procrastinating the rest of my obligation including kids study etc.

Finally, I become to the conclusion that what I can continue like that and I decided to slow down.  Of course, I gained weight, maybe more than I lose during my visit to the gym.

I realise that eating well and steady will make a big difference and that I don't need to go crazy at the gym to waste time.  I am not saying that I did not enjoy my time at the gym, I did indeed, but my life has gone busy and others priorities knocked my doors such as quality resting and easy going life.  So I came down from my madness and I did start using some amazing weight loss cream companied by a healthy and sometimes not so healthy diet, HA!

My body got tight and quickly I did recuperate the shape I lost when eating as the crazy product of my workload anxiety.

There is a very effective weight loss anticellulite called hot shot gel, that will make you lose those pound on your tummy and thins by applying twice a days during your relaxing time at home.  This wonderful discovery is 87% organic and made of caffeine and herbs, and nicely accelerate the skin and body process of combustion. Making you lose weight effectively and improve cellulite appearance.