How do I cope with self harm.

Coping with self harm thoughts.

This post looks at what self-harm is, as Self-harm isn’t mental illness but it is often linked to mental distress.

Most people experience any impulse to punish themselves as part of their turbulent thoughts. This is quite common among young people.

Here are 5 hints and tips to help you cope with self-harm.

Certainly, some people are lucky enough to have support around their self-harm stage, it could be at home or at the hospital.  Some of them can stay away from harming themselves for years, which is a huge achievement! Sadly life's circumstances can take them back and their life becomes stormy!

Working with self-harming people gives me understanding and a huge perspective of how they might feel. I want to share with you some people's hints and tips of how do they cope when they are not doing so well. It can be hard to know how to support someone who self-harms. Being patient and learning about why people self-harm can help.

What is self-harm?

Self-harm is when you seek to cause pain or hurt yourself on purpose. There are many ways to harm yourself.

Self-harm also include taking drugs or drinking too much alcohol to cause danger to yourself. This is different to drinking or taking drugs for pleasure, as you could overdose having serious effects on your health.

In the last post, we talked about Struggling with Negative and Suicidal thoughts, but in this case, self-harm is quite different.  When you harm yourself you don't mean to end your life as people with suicidal thoughts seek.

My experience supporting people to deal with self-harm thoughts, helped me to understand their pain and some causes that could impulse them to attend against themselves.

I want to share some hints and tips to help you cope with self-harm if you find yourself struggling. Please share to help others, thanks.

You could phone a friend or someone you trust.

Calling up one of your trustworthy friends is such a flare of light to you.  Talk about how you feel and try to distract yourself by getting them to talk about themselves.  If you can’t get hold of any of your friends or relatives though, you could always have the Samaritans organisation number on your phone and call them from anywhere, anytime, as they work 24 hours and have a mindful chat.

Please keep yourself away from drugs and alcohol.

Is quite tentative to treat yourself with alcohol when you struggle to keep your mind quiet.  There are some options such as having any drink that you like such as a cup of tea or coffee.
Alcohol can be a depressant when your body and mind feel away from this word, believe me!  It could make you feel worse when you need to be focused on making yourself feel better.

Find a positive task that keeps you busy.

Try to find a task to focus on such as painting, gardening, cooking, drawing or knitting or anything you could do using your hands to keep you distracted.
Thinks that your head leads your body so your life, hence It’s important to look at your head when you feel like your world is falling apart.

Find a challenge

Some people like to use an elastic band to straight as they feel distressed with their thoughts. Others use to stick their hands in the freezer.  There are too many things to do, so you could figure out what works for you and stick to it.


Do some physical exercise

Sprint it out!  If you need a hit of endorphins quickly to bring you up to the present and keep your mind away from self-harming yourself.  
I am a fan of running and I can say that despite I am not into self-harming as I do love myself,  but as a human being, I can experience some down off the road mood through my life so exercise will help.

Then, even if I don't feel Like I want to do it, I use to run a least 15 minutes to bring my positive mood back.  You could sprint for 10 minutes just to feel you're breaking free a bit, and it usually does the trick.

People learn helpful strategies that work for them as it is important to keep them safe. It's about looking after yourself, keeping yourself distracted until you can access the help you need.

                         Pay attention...

  • If you experience self-harm- This post could help if you are using self-harm. to cope.
  • If you're thinking about self-harming- this post explains what support you can get. And how to help yourself if you self-harm.
  • If you are harming yourself on purpose. Such as by scratching, cutting, overdosing on medication, biting or burning.  
  • You may self-harm because you find it difficult to cope with your moods or sharing your feelings. Everyone has their own reasons for self-harming.
  • Alcohol and drugs may increase your risk of self-harm. You are more at risk of death if you self-harm because of accidental suicide.
  •                                    It is more common in young people.
  • Your doctor can help if you want to stop self-harming. They might refer you to specialist support.
  • Sharing your feelings with someone you trust can help you self-harm less and make you feel less alone.


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