How to avoid financial sink, reduce distress and increase happiness.

 A young mom founded herself overwhelmed and choked by a difficult financial situation. Lots of family issues and lack of time.  She got trapped in a spiral that made her loose insight and joy in her life. 

She wasn't happy, because her lack of time to build a social and healthy life, plus the fact of being always tired to play with her kids was killing her. She felt like a kind of eternal tired pigeon!

Raising her kids on her own; she knew that all that her kids had was her, so she decided to push harder and go back to the university to finalise her career.

She becomes anxious, distressed and angry.  Increasing the working shift; more than she could manage.

Consequently, the time to spend with her kids, and friends either studying was impossible. 

Feeling sick, weak, irritated, and becoming paranoid, she hardly could manage a good mood and she was always angry and arguing with everyone. With the impossibility to eat, and sleep properly, meeting her friends or even keeping up with her university deadline she decided to analyse her life.
"It wasn't a life."  Why she pushed herself to that limit and how she could recuperate her life back?  As more as the work, more she was spending.

Being sick, weak and not having the time to enjoy her kids, took her to the conclusion that she needs a change in her life.  

She realised that she needed to reorganise herself better; in that way, she does not have to work more than the necessary, decreasing in that way her stress and pressure. 

Nowadays, her life is much better. She gained in quality and health. She is living a free-stress life or almost.  She is doing what makes her happy without committing her health and her family's time.  She needs less, so she works less.  

"Because life is about balance."  

 One of the significant challenges in life is to recognise when boundaries are broken. We need to be aware of when and where to stop or make that change.

Sometimes we go so blind that we get trapped into the rut.  Life is what is happening to us while we are busy wasting it.  

All that she did was to reorganise herself. A weekly budget and got stick to it.  If financial  planning is not your stronger point, there are  many self-help books available to you. 

A great idea is finding a good activity to earn some extra money from home.  There are huge of ideas, so find what suits you and be constant. Don't  lose hope and remember that whatever you do, do it with passion.

Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. 
And as we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it—just as we have learned to live with storms.

― Paulo Coelho, Manuscript found in Accra

If you feel too tired, stressed and drained it might be time to analyse your life and make a significant change.  Sometimes what you need to be happier  is less than you are thinking.