Why we do things we do? / Porqué hacemos las cosas que hacemos?

With all kind of news that takes place around us nowadays, you probably have thought, what motivates the human being to act and behave in some ways? 

Why people hurt others and why they are so insensible or kind? Too many questions with a simple answer.

People behave according to their personality and how their environment influences them. 

This theory has its root in Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalytic theory.  

Consequently,  many researchers have been trying to underline what's going on and why people behave how they do.  For example Adorno et al. (1950), and it's a theory of authoritarian personality and the Fascism Scale.               

Other researcher psychologists affirm that behaviour is conditioned to the individual's environment.  So if it can be learned, it can be changed. Removing either, the threat or the person from the scenario.  The most common method utilised by the therapist to help their client to change their behaviour is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).