What are you addicted to?

The question is, is that intrinsic or exposed?

May I ask you, how many times do you check your phone during the day?  How many cigarettes do you smoke during the day? And how many cups of tea or coffee do you drink during the day? 

I think we all are addicts at some point in our lives to something.   In fact, we never admit the issue or relate the addiction to us, as it is something that we see in another person. 

  But what drives our obsessions?  Endorphins and dopamine! 

Our devices namely mobile phone, computer and tablet are indeed addictions.  

When you feel like you unconditionally need your phone, coffee, cigarettes etc., during the day to feel ok that has become an addiction. 

Same with motions which work in our brain similar to alcohol and drugs.   

Therefore,  we often find out that we are dependents not only to substances, also addicted to our phone and our emotions. 

" And when those feelings need a met we will set situations in our environment that trigger those feelings to get those feelings satisfied".


But not all addictions are harmful. Some habits are positive helping the individual to reach what he/she needs to fulfil their lives. 

 When you are addicted to something, and you want that fixed, you will go to any means necessary within your moral compass to get that sorted. 

Thus, unless you are or were dealing with the problem, you will never understand it in another person.  Feeling empathy toward others in the same situation make us more sensitive and prompt to help them.