Unlearnt lessons.

People seek to deceive experiences when they need to feel alive.  This though sounds entangled, isn't it? 

Too many years of blind walking and deaf hearing.  Too many lessons and no one in memory learned.  Are we mentally disable? Not, we use to denied and forget as convenient.  The truth is that life has unexpected ways to bring us back to that forgotten learning room.  That place where we meant to be during that time, but we just passed through with tricky notes.  We did not learn!  And we were so naive thinking that we deceive the master.


Sometimes we decide to come back and experience that sensation because we became an addict to it.  It might be pain, love, anger, companion, disappointment who knows?  The human being has weird ways to invent reasons to stick to unhealthy or not convenient experiences, sensation or situation in life.  It could be the fuel that makes them feel alive, the tinder that makes them feel consuming themselves in a fierce fireplace, in a pleasant and painful moment.  They need to feel it!  

Because there is no better sensation than the feeling, feeling alive; for some people feeling loved, feeling ignored, feeling scared, feeling taken for granted, feeling appreciated, feeling essential or feeling depreciated.  But even more critical; feeling!