Implementing coping skills and self-confidence.

Implementing coping skills and self-confidence is fundamentally the ability to believe in your capacity to endure and manage your resources.  

                              You might feel confident in an everyday basis, but when things go wrong, and your self-confidence hit a slump, you can be forgetful and draw a blank that, during the past, your life functioned successfully.   

It is important not to pretend to fool yourself and instead, you could remember how strong you are and how you have been handling with your problem through the time.  You need to believe in yourself and your capacity to cope and overcome.  

Focusing on catastrophic failures will bring you down, and blind your mind.  Instead, be confident, self-positive and critical. Your target is to achieve, acquire knowledge and acceptance.  

When the thought comes negatively, it is essential to recognise that they can add more anxiety and depression to your life.  You will hurt yourself, and you can stop it.  Replace those negative thoughts progressively, as long as they come to your mind, with positive coping responses.   You are not a machine and you have waves of feelings through your day. 

Challenge yourself actively. Changing your thinking with CBT therapygain self-confidence improving your mental health, and filling your life!