Go with the flow and make that change.

Mindfulness to relieve distress.

Since I have started working in the healthcare and mental health setting, I become more aware of a significant and dangerous increment in my stress level.  

Many jobs have both faces of the coin; they could be quite rewarding but potentially mental draining; especially if your position requires a higher mental concentration in combination with physical movements. 

We are humans, and we deserve to change and improve the way we feel about experiences in life;  when they come in an exhaustive way especially stressful experiences. 

A mindful change in your environment will increase your ability to manage stressful situations.  It will keep you in a transparent mental state to make the right choices. 

Mindfulness has origins in Asia where Buddhism developed it focused on therapies of Mindfulness for Stress Reduction (MBSR), and Mindfulness-focuses  (Based) in Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) conveyed in eight-week sessions. 

Now, how can mindfulness help to improve your life?

It will help you to develop skills to cope with life.

It will make the most of your potential and strength.

It will help to improve your environment and family life including your relationship with friends community.

Mindfulness helps us to connect our experiences paying attention to our thoughts and feelings in the way we can develop awareness and then our ability to manage stressful situations and make the right choices on a daily basis.

Making some small conscious changes in your environment will increase your concentration and awareness.  It will help you keep you in that state of calm and serenity.