Give you a go, because they don't really matter.

I remember when I was younger I used to go shopping every week to buy a "weekend outfit" to show up.

Uncountable pair of shoes, dresses, bags, accessoriesmakeup, and perfumes.   Well, it just means that I like to look good and look after my appearance.  That 's true!  But, keeping that routine cost me a lot of money and energy, and one thing I can confirm is that, I did work hard to get it.

The time flew, and after many stages in my life where I've been through a laborious personal growing process; my awareness took me to another path.  The time revealed true and fake friends as I found myself alone most of the time. 

I thanks that hard part of my life which made me conscious.   I was so desperate for approbation.  From my current point of view, the fact to keep a social appearance was pathetic. 

"All that matter at that time was to impress and get approved"  Never again!

Many years after, I decided to get rid of most of my stuff.  Finally and feeling free I started a new lifestyle in another setting.  Feeling more comfortable with many acquaintances but a few goods 

I changed my dressing style and habits.  I set up routines such as going to the gym, spa, eating and cooking healthy, setting money boundaries and saying "NO" to people when I feel like I  have to.  Yes!!  Saying "NO"  because saying no is healthy.  Setting boundaries will help you to feel and live better.  "Without mentioning all those problems and embarrassing moments you could skip".

Well, and you could say, "OK", but what is all this dialogue about?   There we go!                

Feel confident.  No matter the time nor the day if you love those pink high heels just use them!  Since you don't need to impress anyone you'll become more comfortable and confident in your skin.  I started using my high heels to go to the college or to drop and pick my little one up from school.  Because I love shoes and I bought them to use them, to feel happy not to please anyone.  Of course, it is raining that's another story.

If you don't use it get rid of it.  Declutter your wardrobe, your house, and make your space more comfortable and functional for you.  You could keep what you really like instead of those weird stuff that you never use. Get some money from them or donate them to any charity.

Get a balance and create a healthy routine.
  You might like chocolate, pizza, and all kind of sweets, but if you feel like you are not moving enough to burn energy, get lower calorie brands.   For example, you could buy organic chocolate instead.  Feel better on your skin!

Accept yourself and build a life for you
If people don't recognise your value is their problem, not yours.  You are who you are, and you are unique.  Nobody should change you nor force you to be who you are not.  

Give you a go, change one thing at the time in your life, and believe me, you will find yourself living another being far from the nocent that you probably are now.